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Our Story

Hi! I'm Alex, the founder of Standard Plans. As a developing Architectural Designer, I've noticed how frustrating it can be to buy a simple set of construction drawings. What our customers need is a place to buy a simple set of plans... FAST!  

Enter Standard Plans, your solution for professional construction drawings..

We start with a basic design, one that will fit most needs and meet the majority of Canadian municipal permit requirements, including Ontario.

Once we receive your order, we'll customize your plan based on your selections. Customize your structures doors, roof pitch and more.


Within 3-5 business days, you have a plan in your inbox that's ready for submission! 

Customize the Standard

Being able to make the design your own was important to us, which is why we allow our customers to choose their roof pitch, door configuration and more! Once we receive your order, we'll modify the design based on your selections. At Standard Plans, the possibilities are truly endless.



Check out our FAQ for more info.

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